Name: Anders Burla Johansen
Nationality: Danish

I’ve been working with software development on a professional level, since 2007, but as with all technology it’s not always how long you have been in the business that matters, but how well you adapt and learn all the new changes in this rapidly evolving area.
I have always been interested in computers and in combination with my curiosity I always want to learn more and be one of the best!

My technical interests are very broad, but I have primarily focused on Umbraco, ASP.NET, Javascript, xHTML, CSS.
Beyond these technical skills, I also use the time to keep me updated on more business-oriented aspects of web software development, such as best practices in ecommerce websites, SEO and other techniques that support a company’s business.

I work at Tea Solutions, which is the best job in the world! Every day i meet new and exciting challenges, and all my skills are required.

Should you be interested in contacting me, please do so at: anders[at] or by phone +45 61 27 25 26